Because technology never stops


China has come up with the straddle bus to head down the highway to make sure they can get public transit down the road at the same time that cars are moving down the highway. Traffic jams have been a major problem around the world, and they need to be quelled as much as possible. Chinese technology will change the way that traffic jams are handled, and the straddle bus is coming to Chinese roads very soon.

The straddle bus is almost like a large train that hovers over the road. The bus has wheels on either side of the road, but there is a massive gap under the bus where people will drive their cars. This means that the bus can move up and down the highway while other cars are still moving. Someone who gets on the straddle bus will get to their next destination on a more reliable schedule, and the people who are on the highway do not have to wait for traffic that was backed up by the bus.

The straddle bus was actually first conceived in 1969, but it is just now coming to Chinese roads. Anyone who wants to make sure that they can get to work on time can take one of these buses, and they will soon be a reality on many streets and highways of China. These buses will replace older public transit that is too bulky for the road, and all the car drivers in every city will simply drive under the bus.

The bus is also a green piece of equipment that will not create emissions. Buses have long been a problem for people who are trying to make all the cities of the world greener, and now a lot of cities in China will get greener because they have less emissions coming from the buses of the city. Everyone who wants to have a look at the straddle bus can see a picture online, and they need to know that they are coming by 2017. The project has almost been finished, and China can start deploying these buses in their largest cities very soon for everyone’s benefit.

China is trying to address air pollution, and they are doing so by offering better transit and reducing carbon emissions. They will help make their roads clearer, and they will help clear the way for better air pollution regulations in the future.…

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